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White Sox send minor league 1B Brandon Allen to Arizona for RP Tony Pena


Overall, I like this move. There were many who thought Allen would be the future 1st basemen of this team, but there are many future options for 1B in the coming years.  Fields, Viciedo, and maybe even Flowers could be options, especially if the Sox are determined to  keep Beckham and Ramirez  and 3B and SS for years to come.

I don’t know much about Allen, but his stats are decent, especially against righties. This could be another project for Cooper, who turned Matt Thornton from average into a top reliever.  If you remember, the book on Thornton used to be that he had the stuff but couldn’t find the control, and the word was that Cooper and co. saw something in his mechanics that they thought could be fixed easily. It appears that the book on Allen is similar, great stuff, but struggles with control.

To make room for the move, Jimmy Gobble was sent back to the minors, which is no loss at all.