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NSR (Not Sox Related) – How Would You Change the All-Star Game?

I may be in the minority, but I like the idea of having home field advantage on the line in this game. I remember a few years ago when this had turned into a mickey mouse event. I look at basketball, which becomes a boring dunk-fest unless it’s close in the last few minutes of the game. The Pro Bowl is a complete afterthought. Now, we actually have some legitimate interest and will to win the All-Star Game.

Since so much is on the line, I do think the whole process around the game does need some tweaking. If I were to play commissioner and make some changes, I would: 
  • Let the managers pick ALL the players. If you’d like to keep fan interaction, I would let the fans pick the STARTERS AFTER the roster has already been picked. That way you’re not wasting roster spots by a guy who gets selected thanks to popularity.
  • Either remove or tweak the requirement that every team must have a representative. If you must keep this rule from a business standpoint because it helps ratings for some little kid Washington fan, then let the managers pick their entire team first without the limitation or requirement, and then add on the single representatives for the teams missing (what’s a few extra roster spots?). Hypothetically, if the roster 30 players, pick those 30 without any team requirement, and then if 8 teams don’t have a rep, add 8 more guys.  I’m not going to lie, when I was younger I had an interest to when guys like Magglio would get in the game. It’s a cool moment if your team guy does well, especially if your team isn’t playing well. It’s also nice to get some recognition for your team’s guys that are performing well.
Other than those two issues, I think baseball does the rest right. There is no requirement that every player must play, which is a good thing. Limits are also set to help reduce the risk of injury, which is also good. 
Home field advantage does mean a lot, but at times it can be overrated. This was seen last year when the Rays, a very good team that plays in an indoor park that complemented the team very well, still lost the World Series (not even getting to 7 games). What other ways would there be to decide home field advantage? The obvious answer is overall record, which isn’t even much more of a fair alternative in my eyes. If you ask me, the level of competition is uneven, and it would be unfair for the AL champion to suffer because the NL champion inflated its record by playing against weaker opposition. The current system brings more attention, hype, marketing, and interest to the All-Star game and makes it mean something again. I love it!