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July 26th Pregame – Sox in Detroit (on ESPN)

Tonight the Sox get to see Rick Porcello. Porcello is more of a groundball pitcher, but he will give up the home run. Detroit seems to be careful with the rookie, who has not thrown 100 pitches once this season. Lefties have done a good job against Porcello, so they could play a big role for the Sox tonight.

Tonight’s lineup, per Scott Reifert’s Twitter account ( http://twitter.com/InsideTheSox/status/2858627085 ):
Podsednik – CF
Ramirez – SS
Dye – RF
Thome – DH
Konerko – 1B
Pierzynski – C
Quentin – LF
Getz – 2B
Beckham – 3B
Clayton Richard – SP
This is another huge start for Richard. He was up for the challenge against Tampa Bay, but the Sox really need a quality start or better in this big game.