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July 28th Postgame – Buehrle Sets Record, But Sox Lose Game

The Sox lost another game in Minnesota tonight.

You don’t have a pulse if you didn’t have a nervous feeling while following this game. Buehrle lit up the sports world again as he brought a perfect game into the 6th inning, one start after making history against Tampa Bay. Mark still made history by breaking the major league record for consecutive batters retired when setting a new record at 45 (a streak that was snapped in the 6th after giving up a walk. The walk happened on a full count, and I thought Casilla swung at strike three, but the home plate umpire said he checked his swing). The previous record was held by a couple players, including teammate Bobby Jenks.

After the nostalgia was gone, the Twins went to work. Actually, I should say “the team that possesses the White Sox whenever they play in Minnesota” went to work. Bad defense killed the Sox again and lead to runs for Minnesota. Scott Podsednik had a terrible effort on a ball to LF which led to a run for Minnesota (a play that was clearly an error, but called a hit), and the next inning, Chris Getz darts to second base for no reason with a runner on first right before a ball shoots through the spot that Getz had just left. Quentin is likely to make Podsednik’s play. Maybe it would’ve helped the Sox if they were nostalgic and went with the same lineup used in Buehrle’s last game (Thome also sat, Quentin was in LF, and Fields at DH). Podsednik is an average defender and the constant shifting of positions seems to be exploiting him. Meanwhile, the Twins did their usual act of hitting balls that fall in at the perfect moment and showing good defense. 
The Sox offense did nothing against Scott Baker. The offense is starting to look lost when the top of the order doesn’t get on base. When that doesn’t happen, the team relies on home runs, which doesn’t work well in Minnesota.

July 11th Postgame – Sox escape Dome with win!


Overall I can’t be mad at any of the Sox players after this win. The offense did its job (though it would’ve been nice to score a baserunner or two late in the game, and except for a few incidents, Floyd looked pretty dominant. While I didn’t like the way Jenks was used yesterday, I have no problem with brining him late in the 8th to get a big out with the game on the line. And even though I wanted to see Getz tonight, Nix still had a good game. It seems like he is always getting on base, yet his average is only in the low .200’s. It’d be interesting to see what he’d do playing everyday.
In the end, nice win, and it must be a real mental boost for the Sox to hold on to this one.

July 10th Pregame – Sox in Minnesota

It’s that time of year again. Keep thinking to your self , ‘just one more year’ and the dome will be dead for Sox fans. I figure these games shouldn’t be as bad as a series like last year, right at the end of the season, but both teams are still close in the standings. The Twins are coming off getting swept, but you know they have a big mental advantage and must be thinking ‘the Sox are coming to town, here comes our slumpbuster’. The White Sox have tried to infuse a little more youth and speed into the lineup for games like this, so we’ll see how it works out. Tonight we have a great pitching matchup, a rematch of Game 163 last year, Danks vs. Blackburn. Lineups courtesty of ESPN:

Time for me to be critical of Ozzie again. In a place like the dome, defense is key, and I HATE the decision to put Wise in LF and Podsednik in CF. This seems like the perfect game to start Anderson. I really hope this doesn’t cost the Sox tonight.

Blackburn has been very good for the Twins. He is better at home and has gotten better as the season has gone on. Mauer, Morneau and Kubel really stick out in that lineup, but the Sox know that anyone in that lineup can burn them. This has all the makings to be a tough game for the Sox to win, but that’s why they play the game!