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July 10th Postgame – Sox come short against Twins 6-4

The Sox gave another one away tonight. John Danks’ 1st inning from hell ends up costing the Sox. His four straight walks to start the game all come in to score and end up being the difference.

The positives in this game:
-The fact that Danks came back strong and saved the bullpen. I have to credit Ozzie for not pulling him too early.
-The team having another honorable comeback effort against a pitcher who is very good in his home ballpark. Other than Danks in the 1st, the Sox kept composure in a tough atmosphere. 
-I also loved the game Chris Getz had tonight. He hit the ball to the right side during the right situations a couple times and it helped him drive in a couple runs. 
You have to wonder if the extra day of rest affected Danks tonight. He did seem to improve his control issues as the game went on, and you have to figure that that little bit of rust came into play and may have been the difference in the game tonight. I personally hate changing around the rotation for a specific series if it’s going to mess with a pitcher’s routine, and you can argue that it may have cost the Sox two straight games. 
A couple more questionable observations:
– I still hate the defensive alignment the Sox used tonight. The last place I want to test Podsednik in CF is in this dome, and Wise is no defensive star himself. Wise’s bat is not that valuable and I thought this was a very risky move.
– Should the Sox have pitched around Mauer in the 7th? It’s pick your poison with Mauer and Morneau, but 1st base was open, and with that amazing average you figure Mauer has the better chance of getting the basehit. Thornton also has great stats against Morneau (3 for 18, .167 average). 
-Is it really necessary to use Jenks in the 8th the way he was used tonight? I really don’t like a closer being used in that situation.