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July 18th Pregame – Sox vs Orioles on FOX

We’ve got a great matchup today. Sox fans might remember Brad Bergesen. Bergesen made his first start against the White Sox earlier this year and shut them down. At the time, Sox fans were pretty upset. “Oh great, another rookie comes up and embarrasses us!” Looking back, it doesn’t look so bad, because Bergesen has been putting together a damn good season. His 3.54 ERA is better than any of the starters in the Sox rotation, and unlike last night’s starter, he has no problem going deep into games. On July 1st, the kid held the Red Sox to 1 run in 8 innings of work. You get the picture, the kid can pitch, and Sox are hoping they learned something from his first start, where he went right after Sox hitters. The good news is that Bergesen has yet to win on the road (although the O’s have won a road game that he started), and the Sox offense has been hot in July. 

Mark Buehrle is starting for the Sox. Buehrle got roughed up in his last start in Minnesota, but was dazzling in his inning at the All-Star Game. In typical Buerhle fashion, if you took a bathroom break, you missed it. Baltimore’s offense put up an 8 spot last night, so Buehrle knows he can not take them for granted. 
We have two very good pitchers facing two good offenses…enjoy it! Same lineup as yesterday, per an ‘Inside the Sox’ Twitter update ( http://twitter.com/InsideTheSox/statuses/2707855973 ):
Podsednik – LF
Ramirez – SS
Dye – RF
Thome – DH
Konerko – 1B
Pierzynski – C
Getz – 2B
Beckham – 3B
Wise – CF
Buehrle -SP
If you’re like me, you’re wondering why Dewayne Wise is still getting a chance to play…the leash has been much shorter on guys like Josh Fields and Brian Anderson. Wise had a miserable performance last night and is a career minor leaguer (over age 30), while the other two I mentioned are younger and guys that were supposed to play a role in the future of the White Sox. The platooning will definitely end when Quentin comes back, but I think Anderson has earned the starting spot until then. He is a much better defender, his offensive numbers are better, and he still brings speed to the table. For those reasons, the change should be made, and Anderson needs to stay on the team when Quentin does come back. Quentin coming back means Podsednik will be moving to center field, and Anderson will provide a great option as his defensive replacement.