1. raysfanboy

    That stinks. Buehrle earned it, but a perfect game depends on alot of things: defense, umpiring, and an inept offense. He had all that today. I’m embarrassed. I was hoping for a split, and what I got was a perfect game. Ouch.

    • chisoxchatter

      I gotta say, the one thing I disagree with you on is the umpiring. I’ve watched the game more than once now. Mark didn’t get a lot of borderline calls. I remember one late in the game, maybe to Pena, but otherwise, I didn’t see a ton of help. On the other side of the coin, the umpire called a ridiculous strike to Jermaine Dye late in the game (2 inches both up and outside), like he was too amped up or something (which I think might’ve led to a makeup call against Pena)

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