July 19th Postgame – Orioles blowout Sox

Well, there’s a reason why I need a day job, and there’s a reason no team has ever won a championship “on paper”. Today, all the cards were aligned for the Sox to complete the sweep…and the Orioles kicked their butt. Everyone stunk today. I wonder if the Sox had the same mindset I did and took the game too lightly…This season the team has given up too many games that they should have won. This is something the Sox can not afford to do, especially with their 2nd half schedule. The Sox have an extremely difficult schedule coming up, and have two very hard stretches which will tell the story of the season. Who knows, if the Sox blow it early in this tough stretch, they may turn into sellers, but as it stands now, the Sox will need to hang tough during these games if they seriously want another division title. I will be posting more on the schedule in the coming days. Right now, both the players and fans need to forget this one and enjoy the rest of their Sunday.

One comment

  1. raysfanboy

    The Rays are coming into town. Very exciting. As a Cubs fan, I have certain feelings about playing the ChiSox. So being able to watch them against my Rays should be fun.

    Ramirez has been coming on for you guys, and your pitching has not been bad (today excepted). I’m hoping we can catch you guys at the right time and at the very least split this 4-game set.

    We’ll have to stay in contact throughout. This is going to be a fun battle!

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