July 18th Postgame – Sox squeak by Orioles

The Orioles’ rookie pitched himself a good game today, but one has to think that his psyche was rattled by the error in the 5th inning. Bergesen was cruising along until the error occurred. Sox hitters then followed with 6 straight hits (7 if you count the next half inning, since the 5th ended with a play at the plate). The 4 runs proved to be just enough. Bobby Jenks made things interesting, but saved the game. Mark Buehrle was his usual self, getting himself into a little trouble early, settling down, and then finding his rhythm to work to be both effective and efficient.

Today’s questionable Ozzie decision regards his use of the bullpen. Why in the world would you bring in Scott Linebrink to face Adam Jones after that matchup resulted in a home run last night? Even when you ignore the fact that Linebrink has been less than trustworthy during crucial moments, it’s a weird decision.
Other than Linebrink, there’s not much to complain about today. Good teams make the opposition pay for an error, and the Sox did that in this game. It may have not been pretty at times, but in the end, the team scored more runs than it gave up and Sox fans will take a win any way they can get it.


  1. raysfanboy

    We will be quickly reaching the point of the season where, like you said, it will be very important for the good teams to make whoever they play pay for errors. If you don’t take advantage of mistakes, you are in trouble.

    Good for you guys that Buehrle pitched well. I don’t know how that guy does it every single year. Maddon has been frustrating me with some of his bullpen moves too. He’ll bring in a guy who has a terrible record against a hitter, and that guy will promptly give up a hit. I don’t get it. But we, like you, keep winning so…

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