July 17th Postgame – Jim Thome edition – Sox take series opener

The story of the night is Jim Thome. The big man had 2 HRs, 7 RBIs, and 11 total bases   (EDIT: Thome had 8 total bases. I thought walks and advancing on the basepaths were included in that stat. I could’ve sworn an old box score I once looked at included both, but thanks to amick7 for the correction, looks like it’s just bases from hits) , and it couldn’t have happened to a better guy! The offense did its job and has really picked it up in July. This is a great sign considering Carlos Quentin has been out and should return soon. Scott Podsednik continues to be an amazing pickup, getting on base (5 times in 5 at-bats tonight) and setting the table for the big boys in the middle. 
John Danks was a bit disappointing tonight. Danks works himself into trouble way too often with walks. Even if he gets out of the trouble, it hurts his pitch count, keeps him from going deep into games, and taxes the bullpen. Danks clearly has the stuff to be a great pitcher, which implies his problems are mental. As I said in one of my first blog entries, I HATE it when the bullpen has to start the 6th. Tonight was a little more understandble since Danks had thrown a lot of pitches and the bullpen just had four days off. The pitching staff gave up too many runs tonight, but let’s not discredit the Orioles. Offense is not Baltimore’s problem, They have a nice mix of young talent (with guys like Markakis and Jones) and veterans (like Roberts and Scott). 
…Excuse me one second, Jim Thome’s grand slam just landed outside my window….
Back to Danks…tonight he gave up 2 leads very quickly. This is a good question for any fans of other teams that are reading: Do you feel like your pitchers often give up leads quickly (like the next half-inning)? I’m sure there’s a stat on giving up leads…I’ll have to find it. I’m just not sure if it’s a normal fan feeling (do those moments stick out since it’s such an annoying thing?) or if the Sox starters really do have a problem whenever the offense gets them a lead. Again, this could be another mental issue for pitchers. Most players who make it to the big leagues have the physical aspect down, but need to conquer the mental aspect of the game to succeed. Momentum also plays a big role, and shutting down the other team after scoring is a crucial point during a game. 
One more Sox lowpoint: Dewayne Wise. Wise was 0-5 and had a terrible defensive play where he almost knocked himself out by running into the wall. Dewayne Wise, you are no Aaron Rowand. 


  1. raysfanboy

    I am surprised Podsednik still has it. I know that he made me so mad against the Cubs a few weeks ago. He steals, hits, and defends. How does this guy bounce around so much?

    Big day for Thome. Wow. 2 dingers? I might have to give him some fantasy baseball consideration if he heats up!

    Congrats on the nice win. 12 runs out of the gate is a nice way to get started!

  2. matttan7

    The White Sox sure put a ******* over the Orioles, scoring 12 runs over their opponents 8. John Danks did good enough for the win and Scott Podsednik, Jim Thome, and Paul Konerko lead the White Sox to victory, now those are positives.

    Matthew T.

    • chisoxchatter

      That’s my fault, I thought walks and advancing on the bases were included (I could’ve sworn an old box score I once looked at included both), but I looked it up, and you’re right, it only includes bases from hits

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