July 17 Pregame, Baseball’s Back! – Sox vs Orioles

Welcome back White Sox baseball. Tonight’s lineup, per Scott Reifert’s blog ( http://whitesoxpride.mlblogs.com/ ):

Podsednik – LF
Ramirez – SS
Dye – RF
Thome – DH
Konerko – 1B
Pierzynski – C
Getz – 2B
Beckham – 3B
Wise – CF
and Johnny Danks on the mound. No surprises in the lineup tonight. Anderson vs. lefties and Wise vs. righties seems to be a given until Quentin comes back (and it will be VERY interesting to see what the Sox do with these two when Carlos does come back).
Tonight the Sox get to face their biggest fear, a rookie they’ve never seen before. Jason Berken’s stats aren’t great this year, but he has had a good July, and even though he hasn’t gone deep into games, he has put a string of decent starts together. If the Sox are patient enough, they’ll be able to see that Baltimore bullpen, which is the most overused in the AL. 


  1. orangebirds

    Great post, and nice lineup. Looks like the Sox are gonna give the O’s a hard time, just watch out for Bergesen though, he is a killer. I mean a killer. He has had 8 out of his last 9 quality starts. You don wanna face him 🙂 please check me out and the series should be a great one! Nice blog

    • chisoxchatter

      I like the O’s young talent. I remember being at one of Markakis’ first games (you could tell he knew what he was doing, even the commentators during the series were talking about it), Jones getting some nice exposure at the ASG, and I was kind of following Weiters early on since MLB Network were doing showcasing him when he came up. Yeah, those Bergesen stats look good, at the time Sox fans thought ‘man, another rookie comes out and shuts us down’, but looks like he is still going strong (our commentators were talking about it tonight, how you could tell he showed no fear going right at the hitters), the Sox offense seems to be warming up though, so it should be a great matchup.

      Nice blog btw, I will definitely check it out! Any team that Harold Baines and Cal used to play for is okay in my book. It’s a goal of mine to visit Baltimore and that great ballpark. Thanks for the comment!

  2. raysfanboy

    Do you think that Carlos will be his 2008 self when he comes back (given, of course a little time to get in the swing of things)? It seems a shame that he got to the South side and found his swing, becoming a dominant player, then saw it start to crumble with one stupid injury last season. Poor guy.

    • chisoxchatter

      He is rehabbing in the minors right now, but it sounds like he is still not 100% and will have to tough it out if he wants to play this year. It’s too bad, injuries set him back in Arizona as well, and when he is okay he showed he can be MVP caliber.

      Nice blog by the way. Good to see your Rays get some recognition with the AllStar selections and guys like Carl Crawford (game saving catch!) get even better. You got yourself a good one with Joe Maddon as well. I criticized the Granderson selection, and of course, he hits the big triple and his speed ends up helping the AL. Thanks for the comment!

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